Who We Are

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We are not a traditional labor union, we are an organization of cops, from the top down. We are not beholden to any political party or outside organization. We often stand alone, on behalf of issues that are critical to the profession, because the position is the right thing to do. While we will try and work with other organizations on important legislation, we do not back down when it comes to protecting our officers. For example, we do not support AFL-CIO organizations that fight us in making assault on police officers a felony offense. We put every effort into protecting cops and making our jobs safer. We don’t represent non-law enforcement, so everything we do has the interests of the profession at heart. No other national affiliated organization in Utah can make that claim.

We are a 501(c)(8) non-profit corporation. This means that our members run the organization, and are able to examine our books at any time, for any reason. We operate off transparency to our members.