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Utah FOP Legal Coverage -
The Utah FOP Plan costs $310 per year* and is the only plan that provides on duty AND off duty coverage. Our belief is that you can’t keep your job in an administrative hearing if you lose the criminal side. We also control our own costs. The Utah FOP Legal Plan is a defensive plan dealing with discipline. Other issues, such as workplace issues, conditions, etc are referred out to another firm. ADA cases that are referred out will likely carry a costly consultation fee that is outside the control of the FOP, Bret W Rawson P.C, or the law firm.

Our General Counsel
We have contracted with Bret W. Rawson, PC for all of the legal needs under this plan. This plan includes an off-duty criminal benefit (except in cases of corruption), unlimited administrative coverage, and local lodge support on legal matters. This plan was created in August 2013.

Bret and his team are Force Science Certified Analyst and is the most experienced OICI attorney firm in the state, managing the efforts of the firm, which has represented over 300 officers involved in OICIs to date. The firm's knowledge and expertise CENTERS around the police profession, half of the attorneys being a reserve police officers himself themselves. The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys recognized Bret Rawson as one of 2015's 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction.

Hylant Legal Coverage -
The Hylant Plan costs $324 per year and gives the choice of several different attorneys. It is also an FOP run program, except the costs are controlled by a national board, not local. You have the option of picking an attorney, but you do not have off-duty coverage for things like: Domestic Violence allegations, DUI, assault, etc.

*Coverage does not cover acts of corruption.
Note - Some lodges may choose to administer BOTH plans for the needs/desires of their members. This is a decision made with each lodge individually.

Legal Claim Reporting Form

Download, complete, and submit within 60 days of the notice of discipline from your agency. Incomplete forms will be returned for information.

Legal Claim Form

Utah State FOP Legal Plan

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